UDEMY [100% OFF] 2020 What is New in C# 8 1

UDEMY [100% OFF] 2020 What is New in C# 8

UDEMY [100% OFF]. Enroll for free – What is New in C# 8

What is New in C# 8
What is New in C# 8

What you’ll learn

  • Implementing default interface methods Working with nulls in C# 8 How to use null-coalescing assignment operator Understand work of IDisposable interface
  • Make use of using declaration Trying disposable ref structs Building new switch expressions Using property patterns to match on properties Using tuple like patterns on switch statements
  • Learn how to use deconstruction methods Understanding and working with positional patterns Readonly Members
  • Static Local Functions Asynchronous Streams
  • Verbatim Interpolated Strings Using hat operator
  • Working with new range operator


  • Student must have experience with C# before enrolling.


The next major version of C# is officially released which is C# 8.0. We were expecting it for quite some time, we had the chance to learn all the minor features and enhancements included in C# 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3, and I can say I am quite excited about the new capabilities Microsoft keep adding to C#.

In this course we will be discussing the new features and enhancements of C# 8 with easy to follow examples to make you understand what each feature is about. Please notice that this is not not a complete guide for C# language itself, this course covers only the features and enhancements in C# 8.

In this course we tried to break each feature down one by one for you each in a separate video with enough examples to illustrate the functionality of each feature. But I have to mention that this course is not for someone who is looking to learn C# from the beginning or and not for a beginner as we will be covering some advanced features that requires some prior knowledge of C# in order to proceed without a problem, and from my side I will try to relate to any topic that you should be aware of to totally understand each feature functionality because some features are already based on an existing features in C#.

After finishing all the features and enhancements the course will present and explain important concepts such as .NET Core, .NET Framework .NET Standard, the differences between them what is a BCL what is MONO, topics that anyone looking to master C# should be aware of. So what are you waiting for….let’s start!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with experience in C#.
  • Developers who want to learn the new features of C# 8.

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