Stepping Out of the Human and Discovering the Being! 1

Stepping Out of the Human and Discovering the Being!

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Stepping Out of the Human and Discovering the Being!
Stepping Out of the Human and Discovering the Being!

What you’ll learn

  • At the end of this course you will clearly see the energetic difference between the Human aspect of Self and the Beingness, which is your natural state of peace. This is what we are all seeking.
  • Students will benefit from experiencing a deeper understanding and connection to the Self, expanded awareness, inner peace, and natural compassion from the space of Being.
  • Students will experience a new perspective from their own Beingness and will be able to differientiate clearly the constant movement of the Human aspect of Self and the endless stillness of the Being aspect of Self.
  • Benefits of stepping into this perspective, which is already You, are great internal peace, less stress and a quiet mind.
  • Understand clearly your Natural State of Being.


  • Students must have the desire to journey inward from the perspective of the Human to the Being.
  • Students must be willing and open to find what it is they are seeking.
  • Students must be willing to set aside the Human and experience the Being, the natural expansive stillness that is already within you.


Join us for a 5 day Experiential Journey to stepping out of the Human and discovering the Being! Experience the stillness we are all desperately seeking. On day 1 we learn a unique perspective from Nature as we are shown how to awaken to the larger part of self. We discover all over nature how two parts create a whole. One part in stillness, the other in movement. Then on day 2 we identify the Human Being by learning about the realm of movement, change, and time by exposing the Human aspect of self first. We then can easily identify exactly what we are NOT. We are nothing related to the moving Human aspects of self and most important, nothing from this space can enter the space of the Being.

Next on day 3 we are guided to the space of the Being. Able to clearly perceive from this endless space of stillness. The space where all of consciousness emerges from. This is the larger part of you. On day 4 we begin to clearly recognize when we are perceiving from the Human or from the Being. We clearly understand and recognize when we are in the strong pull to turn our attention to the movement. The oscillation of the Human is our strongest attachment. The great Masters will ask someone who professes to be awakened if it staying or if it comes and goes. Today you will clearly see why many of us have experienced awakening but it doesn’t stay.

On our last day together we learn to move in life from this space of stillness. We are moving, acting, playing a part in this realm from the larger part of self. Bonus Facebook Page Access After registering for this course – you will gain access to the course Facebook group. Within this private space you can meet other students on this journey and together we will have Check Ins, ask clarifying questions, Shine a Light on the Human, give and receive confirmation, and give and receive support with others on this enlightening journey of Self Discovery!

Who this course is for:

  • Are you are an Empath, Drawn to Nature, Practitioner, Body Worker, Intuitive, Seeker, Healer, have you been called “Sensitive”, are you a Yogi, Lightworker…or someone who is drawn to the Light?
  • Do you FEEL the contrast, emotional turmoil, chaos and disharmony? Do you feel energetically drained? Are there too many times when your mind won’t shut off, and drama seems to follow everywhere?
  • Have there been times where you experienced awakening and it didn’t stay?

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