UDEMY [100% OFF] 2020 Programming 101 1

UDEMY [100% OFF] 2020 Programming 101

UDEMY [100% OFF]. Enroll for free – Programming 101
Programming 101
Programming 101

What you’ll learn

  • Count bits Understand binary data
  • Understand bit processing Understand basic network structure
  • Understand routers, ISP’s, packets and HTTP Full working knowledge of programming languages
  • Understand the concepts behind a programming language Understand variables and constants
  • Understand functions, arguments and parameters Know about software licensing
  • Comprehend DRM, patents and morality of the industry


  • Anybody, a complete novice can take this course if they choose to


Most people do not know how their device’s process binary and work with data, from their washing machine to their smart phone. I found even some programmers don’t have the knowledge of such; I’m in fact guilty of this sin! I missed out by learning a programming language first rather than trying to understand the computer on the hardware level. As programmers we are controlling the hardware and eventually even if you’re programming in Javascript you need to know about memory and how the language works. So understanding binary data, persistent and temporary memory, CPU, SPU, GPU, networking and more is crucial even if you’re a web developer this still applies to you. This course will be a broad foundation of knowledge giving understanding of certain topics that need to be covered; giving you a solid foundation to grow from. I don’t believe in understanding a programming language first is the correct way to go about things. Programming languages have evolved as a tool for us. NOT the computer! So if we understand the computer’s hardware we’ll understand clearly how our program’s are controlling our device’s. Computers are tools that we created to benefit man kind, however as all tools we need to improve them more and more. However the core principle of computers from the very first computer ever invented hasn’t changed. Over time the tool or computer has been refined. However the very core process and simplicity in underlying principles has been the same from the foundation of computing which is, processing ones and noughts. Computers have gone from processing 8 to 64 bits at any one time. This is just the computer being able to process more bits and thus more powerful operations can be done at a single time. Don’t get me wrong computers are far more advanced, but the concept is all I’m saying is simple enough that even a beginner can learn what most people consider advanced and above their pay grade.

Likewise understanding networking is of vital importance especially for the web developers of today. More apps are going online so understanding network infrastructure, that has been around for over a decade, is still important today. What about programm

Most programming languages give you the flexibility to mix and match programming paradigms or styles for writing your app’s. You have a few major styles to choose from such as assembly, procedural and object oriented. Do note in a single app you can mix t

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody from beginner or a seasoned professional who really wants to know the lower level stuff

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