Practical Accounts Training A 1

Practical Accounts Training A

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Practical Accounts Training A
Practical Accounts Training A

What you’ll learn

  • 1. Identify and Interpret business documents
  • 2. Record 80 types of Transactions, including Year End Adjustments
  • 3. Identify and Interpret 95 Periodic & Year End Reports
  • 4. Verify & Reconcile 95 Periodic & Year End Reports
  • 5. Present and Explain 95 Periodic & Year End Reports
  • 6. Develop a deeper Appreciation and Understanding of Accounting


  • Financial Accounts and Bookkeeping Theory


This course is structured on the robust Practice Procedures used in Accounting Firms. It empowers the newly qualified with skills, and a competitive advantage when job hunting. It provides a good understanding of how softwares work. Its just the Recording of 80 Document Types & 15 Period Reports are Automated. It cuts the training time into a fraction. We all need to save time. Its Not only Mobile & Computerised Accounting, but Practical & Technical Knowledge is Acquired The course comprises of: A Practical Accounts Training SW on Google Play & App Store, Bought Separately Recorded Videos On Screen Guides Live Online Lectures Practice Documents A 34 Periodic Tasks Checklist A Year End Reports Checklist 90 Periodic and Year End Reports

The Lectures and Recorded Videos cover the following: Objectives and App Overview Tax Return and COA Recording Basics Start Features and Settings Miscellaneous Facilities Receipts & Refund Recording Purchases & Refund Recording Fixed Assets Recording Payments Recording Loans & Credit Card Recording Creditors Facilities Debtors Facilities Opening & Pre-Vat Recording Post Vat & Reconciliation Period Reports including a Vat Return

On Completion, Trainees are able to: Identify and Interpret 80 types business documents Record 80 types of Transactions Identify and Interpret 15 Periodic Reports Verify & Reconcile 15 Periodic Reports Present and Explain 15 Periodic Reports Develop a de

Who this course is for:

  • Those who completed or undertaking a Theory Accounts or Bookkeeping Course

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