Java for Noobs 1

Java for Noobs

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Java for Noobs
Java for Noobs

What you’ll learn

  • Confidently Program in Java
  • Learn Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Learn the Essentials of programming in a Static Typed Language
  • Problem Solve using Java


  • Basic knowledge use of using a Computer


Hello, my name is Pedro Mercado and I would like to teach you how to program in Java. Go from a Noob to a pro learning the fundamentals of object oriented programming. This course is designed to taking you from not knowing anything about programming to being able to comfortably being able to program in java. Learn how to Program in one of the worlds most popular programming language. This course is a beginners course taking you step by step through pain of learning a programming language on your own. With Java being literally everywhere, running on multiple platforms such as windows,mac,linux,android,etc. Its a no brainer that Java is the go to language to teach at high school and colleges across the world. The course is structured as follow: You will be walked through various topics in java You will be given problems as well to their solutions at the end of various sections to test your knowledge

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who wish to learn a programming language
  • Those with experience in another programming language but wish to learn Java

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