UDEMY [100% OFF] 2020 Introduction to Li-Fi(Light Fidelity) 1

UDEMY [100% OFF] 2020 Introduction to Li-Fi(Light Fidelity)

UDEMY [100% OFF]. Enroll for free -Introduction to Li-Fi(Light Fidelity)

Introduction to Li-Fi
Introduction to Li-Fi(Light Fidelity)

What you’ll learn

  • A basic understanding of Li-Fi.
  • Li-Fi phraseology
  • Learning of Leading and Latest technology
  • How to send and receive data using Li-Fi
  • Intensity Concept of LI-Fi
  • Building Demo Project with microcontroller


  • NO prier Experience required Everything will be taught
  • Technologically updated


This course is an introductory course on Li-Fi (Light fidelity)Technology . We are doing hope that you know about this technology, if you don’t know, don’t worry, this course is for you because through this course you become Zero to Hero in this field.

We implement our technology on one of the familiar and cost effective microcontroller board is Arduino which is to be considered as Advanced learning of this technology, hence one will be of Audio transmission which is considered as basic project.

Think of a world where every one is using light source for connecting to the internet. Sounds like a world of science fiction but the technology actually already exsits! It is called Li-Fi and it is the future of wireless connectivity. Li-Fi is a wireless optical networking.

It is a form of visible light communications (VLC) system that makes use of light-emitting diodes (LED) for data transmission similar to Wi-Fi. Li-Fi is the only form of VLC that allows the bidirectional transmission of light.

The networking ability to integrate with mobile, Laptop ,PC and other devices is a groundbreaking development in this field, one that is define by the speed of data transfer and continuing to make it cheaper and marketable in sense of everyone can use in society.

Li-Fi is having several advantage that’s why we are learning:- Speed Security Eco-friendly Availability Cost If you are a technology doper and you want to learn the advanced technology then this is RIGHT course for you.

What you will Build: Audio Transfer using Li-Fi In this Project you learn that how to transmit Audio signal through Light Source. Basically in this project you will understand components of transmitter and receiver and fundamental of transmitter that is how to transmit audio signal and fundamental of receiver that is how to receive audio signal.

Text File transfer using Li-Fi (UPCOMING……..) In this Project you learn about how to transfer text data using Li-Fi technology. Basically in this project you will understand components of transmitter and receiver. You will learn that fundamentals of Transmitter and Receiver that how they transmit and receive signals using Li-Fi by mean of using of Arduino.

You will get answer : you will get answer of frequently asked questions in Li-Fi technology. and the questions are- What is Li-Fi? How does LiFi work? Why is the Flickering of Light in LiFi Systems Invisible? Why is LED Used in LiFi Systems? Will LiFi be Replacing WiFi When It Is Released? Is LiFi expensive?

  • Do the Lights Have to be Turned On for LiFi to Work?
  • Will Sunlight Interfere with the LiFi Signal?
  • Is LiFi more Secure than WiFi?
  • What does Bidirectional Technology Mean?

Hurry up what are you waiting for Get enrolled in this course !

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is intrested in learning Li-Fi technology , Students/Professional intrested in electronics
  • This course is for all level audience , Electronics amateur
  • Technology dilettante , Eager and passionate in learning

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