UDEMY [100% OFF] 2020 How To Make A Successful Business WordPress Website 2020 1

UDEMY [100% OFF] 2020 How To Make A Successful Business WordPress Website 2020

UDEMY [100% OFF]. Enroll for free – How To Make A Successful Business WordPress Website 2020

How To Make A Successful Business WordPress Website 2020
How To Make A Successful Business WordPress Website 2020

What you’ll learn

  • Create a full functioning WordPress website that is properly setup to drive website traffic, stimulate leads, customers and ultimately generate cash-flow! The Hybrid Homepage – How I properly set up my homepage in a way that’s going to magnetize my websit
  • Establishing my Predictable Selling System so I can turn traffic into buyer and repeat customers. Create a lead magnet to tap into the pain points of your audience leaving them hungry for more!
  • Install our free must have plugins to drive more free traffic customers and cash-flow!
  • Get started with email marketing to deeply connect with your subscribers turing them into paying customers!
  • Learn how to properly setup up a WordPress website for your business
  • Create a full functioning blog that will engage and wow your audience!


  • Nothing is required to get started! Although you will be learning some new concepts and when learning something new this can cause fear and overwhelm! It’s import that you step into this knowing that the “start stops most people”.


If you’re looking to start a website for your business you about 5 seconds to connect with your audience. If your messaging is not clear your losing people and sales.. We look at a website for 5 seconds and ask these 3 questions:

1. What do you offer?

2. How does it benefit me?

3. How do I contact you or buy?

Whether your goal is to make a bunch of money or to have a meaningful impact, your message matters most. So stop worrying about how nice your website looks, and start paying attention to the words you use instead! To change your life and the lives o

  1. Don’t start a website (or business or blog) if you’re not willing to do the work. A business won’t run itself for you, nor will a blog write itself for you. You need to be willing to put in the work to make it happen.
  2. Don’t start a website or blog if you don’t know who you’re talking to. Having an audience in mind is key. It may be the people you sell to or your best friends or a group you’re professionally connected with. But knowing who you’re talking to will shape what you talk about.
  3. Don’t start a website or blog if you don’t have the time. If you’re feeling pressure from others or from yourself to do it, but you really don’t have the time, don’t do it. You’d only get frustrated with it eating away that last bit of free time you have.
  4. Don’t start a website or blog if you just want to get famous. Find a better reason. Find a purpose. Help people. Share your stories. But don’t do it for fame.
  5. To be a successful online, you have to like helping or entertaining other people, not just talking about yourself. You should genuinely want to help people.

Always remember this those who serve well sell more. So if you’re not cool with any of those, blogging might not be for you. However, that being said, if none of these worry you, then a website can change your life for the better! For people with the desire and ability, I strongly recommend starting a website for all kinds of reasons. I started my website in 2012 at Website Made Easy to show people how to get started online step by step with there first website or blog.

Ever since I started Websites Made Easy, amazing things have happened. I’ve made new friends, built a business, discovered creativity I didn’t know I had, and have supported myself in a way that lets me travel the world. I’ve even received business offers and partnerships, and countless emails from readers that lift me up, and make me thankful every day for being able to share my voice and help people through my content.

When I think back over the amazing changes I’ve gone through over the past 8 years, having a website that has allowed for me to connect with my audience, so i can share my content and make money is at the center of what has enabled those changes.

I have watched friends and peers do amazing things with there website, and I’ve helped millions of other people start there websites through my videos. When I started my website and blogging, I knew no popular bloggers, and I didn’t know anyone who supported themselves through there website.

I now know dozens of people who earn a living with there website selling there products and services and dozens more whose lives have changed because of it . The benefits of having a website are easy to recognize and praise, but not every site will reap these rewards. There are hundreds of millions of websites in existence, and only a small percentage achieve the goals of becoming profitable and creating impact by connecting with there audience. The journey will be hard at times, but it’s the journey where the fun and transformation happens. Reaching the destination isn’t the point. Not when you realize that all the value (and wealth) is derived from the journey itself.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is specifically designed with the absolute beginner in mind! I have put together the best information I know in terms of creating a profitable WordPress website that is setup properly to drive search engine traffic, capture leads
  • entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, trainers, Udemy instructors, digital marketing experts who are good with marketing, but with no technical experience , and anyone who wants to create a killer profitable website

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