UDEMY [100% OFF] 2020 Financial Proficiency for Young Adults 1

UDEMY [100% OFF] 2020 Financial Proficiency for Young Adults

UDEMY [100% OFF]. Enroll for free – Financial Proficiency for Young Adults
Financial Proficiency for Young Adults
Financial Proficiency for Young Adults

What you’ll learn

  • understand the importance of proper financial planning in order to enjoy a secure future
  • realise that financial planning can never begin to soon
  • see the importance of building a solid financial foundation as young as possible
  • understand that the decisions they make between now and 30 will affect the rest of their lives
  • take the necessary steps towards building financial security


  • No prior knowledge needed


This course is aimed at young adults and university graduates who are about to enter into a profession. It teaches you the basics of working with money and planning for the future. The 12 lessons and advice are simple, yet share practical and essential information that can make your future far more sustainable, thus giving you the edge in becoming financially secure. CLARIFICATION OF EXPECTATIONS OF THIS COURSE! Please note – we are talking finance proficiency here, and every lesson is based on SOLID, practical and real-life experience with the sole purposes of guiding you to understand the importance of taking control of your finances. For most people, talking taxes and finances is not an exciting topic, so if you’re expecting a ‘bells, whistles & fireworks’ course, with super graphics, special effects and loads of entertainment – you are not going to find it here! Out of 100 people in the world today, how many can retire comfortably? Less than 5? Will you be one of them? Maybe those students who started this course and rated it low without finishing the lessons are still struggling to make ends meet. I’ve had comments such as, but this is ‘obvious information, it’s boring.’ Yep, but still very few people practice it and even fewer retire well. I cannot repeat or stress how important the information here is for you to make a success of your life.

The topics are of UTMOST IMPORTANCE for you to succeed in a concise and clear format. Even though this course is free… do yourself a favour and ask an older person to watch each lecture and they will all tell you they wish they had known what is shared when they where your age and that the information shared is priceless! I’m near retirement, I’ve done well in life and have applied this information – there is absolutely no ‘financial gain’ for me, but simply a desire to help you live the life you deserve. The rest is up to you. Best of all – you can do all 12 lessons in 30 minutes! Lesson 1: Acknowledgement of the Self Lesson 2: You are the Sandwich Generation Lesson 3: You Will Pay Higher Taxes Lesson 4: Understanding Budgeting Lesson 5: Patience – Learn to Save Lesson 6: Build a Contingency Fund

Lesson 7: Save for Retirement Immediately Lesson 8: Last Will & Testament Lesson 9: Never Cash in Savings Lesson 10: Cover All Risks Lesson 11: Find a Professional Financial Advisor Lesson 12: Always Remain Informed DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor and the information in this course should not be considered as financial advice, but merely as a guidance to helping you grasp a better understanding of the factors that will affect your financial future and guide you towards making more informed decisions about everything finance related.

Who this course is for:

  • young adults and graduates

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