UDEMY [100% OFF] 2020 Bentley Staad Pro v8i 1

UDEMY [100% OFF] 2020 Bentley Staad Pro v8i

UDEMY [100% OFF]. Enroll for free – Bentley Staad Pro v8i
Bentley Staad Pro v8i
Bentley Staad Pro v8i

What you’ll learn

  • Use staadpro v8i
  • Analysis and design of structures


  • english
  • staadpro v8i
  • standard building codes of respective country


As we are moving in the era of computers, it is becoming very essential to learn different softwares useful in civil engineering as well. As world is demanding for more beautiful, more strong, yet more simple structure, engineers are leaning towards using softwares to try out different possibilities of best outcome. For Structural Engineer, now a days for designing buildings of 80 storey or even 110 storeys, manual calculations are becoming completed for analysis purpose. BENTLEY’s STAAD-PRO v8i is a structural designing software used around the globe for this purpose. Software consist of different STANDARD BUILDING CODES of many countries (e.g china,USA,India,etc.) inbuilt. All play important roles in respective countries as these are the standards set by countries. User can Analyse and design

Simple beams 2d frame (multi storey) 3d frames (multi storey) Continuous beams Truss / truss members water tank shear wall bridges etc. This will take less than a month to learn software, but remember it takes 3 to 4 months to master the software. The course is constructed in such a way that you will start from very basics and might end up creating Burj Khalifa !!!

Who this course is for:

  • civil engineering students
  • structural engineering students

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